Ecommerce Industry Roundup: Week of 11/7/11

The headlines that captured our attention last week in the digital space:

Google+ Launches Pages via TechCrunch – Google+ Pages now allow brands, companies, businesses, places, and groups to create a presence on the network.

Google Search Algorithm Update via Search Engine Land – Google makes a change to its search algorithm to display “fresher” results. 35% of all searches said to be impacted.

Few E-retailers Pursue Shoppers Who Abandon Shopping Carts  – Internet Retailer highlights a commonly missed retargeting opportunity for online retailers.

Gary Morgenthaler Explains Exactly How Siri Will Eat Google’s Lunch via TechCrunch – Why Siri might be a game changer.

Adobe to Kill Mobile Flash, Focus on HTML5 via NYTBits – Resignation of a longtime battle for Adobe.

Forrester: U.S. Online Holiday Spending Will Grow 15 Percent To Nearly $60 Billion via TechCrunch – Growth attributed to an increase in tablet use for consumers and an emphasis on online holiday promotions.


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