Ecommerce Industry Round up – Week of 1/9/12

The headlines that captured our attention last week in the digital space:

10 Companies That Hit the Bullseye with Online Contests via Mashable – A list of success cases boasting lasting value.

Pinterest: 13 tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users via Mashable – A concise how-to for this new social network that is quickly gaining traction.

Google Fuses Google+ Into Search – And There Are Bigger Changes Afoot via TechCrunch – Google search results to become more personalized for users as Google+ data is incorporated.

A Psychotactic That Caused 3x More People to Buy a Discounted Coffee Mug via GetElastic – The “special” factor and motivating customers to purchase.

Microsoft Bing Search Queries Overtake Yahoo for the First Time in December via TechCrunch – ComScore’s search data report for December lands Bing ahead of Yahoo.

Silicon Valley Vs. Silicon Alley via Mashable – An infographic that compares New York’s growing digital environment to the West Coast pillar.


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