Twitter Brand Page Expansion Plan Continues

The expansion of Twitter’s services continues as the microblogging platform has begun to roll out the second phase of enhanced brand pages to advertisers this month.

Coming on the tails of the introduction of Facebook’s Timeline and Google+’s brand pages, Twitter’s new business service will allow brands to customize and highlight content as well as include e-commerce features integrated into their respective Twitter pages.

A brand page includes a custom header that can serve advertising purposes, a brand logo, advertising messages or calls-to-actions; promoted tweets that live at the head of the timeline; and blown-out sections for @replies and @mentions to help facilitate the brand’s customer service management.

“Enhanced profile pages will continue to roll out to advertising partners, as well as other select partners, charities, media organizations and individuals,” Twitter said in a statement.

McDonalds, HP, Intel, Coca Cola, Dell, Disney, JetBlue, Nike and Paramount Pictures were some of the first 21 brands invited to test out the new platform when first announced in December 2011. AdAge reports that these 21 brands have all committed at least $2 million in ad spending on Twitter in 2012.

Since then, National Public Radio, NBC News, Volkswagen, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Anobii and others have joined the program.

Twitter’s brand pages “will give brand the ability to build platforms on their pages that could include iFrame environments, allowing users to play games or shop on a brand’s site without actually leaving the Twitter environment.”

The full details are still unknown as the rollout commences. One key factor yet to be revealed is the e-commerce integration and strategy and how Twitter plans on profiting from this initiative. A strong possibility exists that Twitter will receive a percentage from any transactions conducted via their site.

This initiative is expected to alter the way brands interact with their customers and change how Twitter does business. According to Business Insider and Adage, Twitter is asking for a $25,000 commitment to ad purchases in 2012 for the privilege.

Sources:, AdAge, and Business Insider


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