Time for Facebook Timeline

Now that Facebook has fully transitioned personal profiles, they’ve begun to roll out the transition from brand Pages into Timeline. Timeline is a radical departure from what brands on Facebook are accustomed to with Pages.

With the new Timeline, a large image will be featured at the top of the page. Brands will have the ability to use the featured real estate for a host of business purposes to suit their end needs, whether it be brand imagery, promotional material, news or information.

Timeline enables business owners to reference the brand’s history prior to the launch of Facebook. Company history, milestones, noteworthy events all can be included to assist in rounding out brand’s history and give context to users who choose to visit that Timeline.

Admin tools have been changed as well, giving administrators more control over their content and what gets published in feeds in order to increase the visibility of the content.

Undoubtedly, any changes Facebook makes to their service is in attempt to increase the amount of time users spend on Facebook. The transition to Timeline will enable brands and organizations to better communicate with their customers and fans which should increase their time on the social network giant.

There is sure to be a learning curve with the changes, as Facebook users are quick to go up-in-arms whenever a design change has been made to the number one social media platform online. But Facebook is confident that the changes are for the best of the users and for the brands, and it’ll only be a matter of time before both grow accustomed to the differences and appreciate the changes.

The months following will be interesting, as admins will face a trial-and-error period, in order to discover what will help meet their social media objectives and ultimately, how this will drive revenue on Timeline.

Timeline will be pushed live to all Pages on March 30. Facebook is offering a preview of the new look and the opportunity to review your page before the changes go into effect.

Sources: Mashable.com


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