Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 2/27/12

The headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

Clicks and bricks via The Economist – An insight into how many retailers are being too slow in reinventing themselves for the age of online shopping.

U.S. Online Retail Sales to Reach $327 Billion by 2016 via Mashable – The future of ecommerce looks bright with online retail sales in the U.S. forecast to reach $327 billion by 2016.

Apple’s Market Cap Shoots Above $500 Billion via The Wall Street Journal – With the upcoming release of the iPad 3, Apple shares are up yet again, officially pushing the company’s market cap above the $500 billion barrier.

E-Commerce Goes Global, But Still Needs the Local Touch via Adotas – Fueling the growing e-commerce marketplace is global broadband penetration, increasingly sophisticated online shopping experiences and the huge popularity of smartphones and other web connected devices.

Square Is Headed To New York City Taxi Cabs; Will Be An iPhone And iPad Experience via TechCrunch – The mobile payments platform Square, which can be plugged into the bottom of people’s smartphones via a small white plastic square, allows users to take payments by their mobiles and has been approved to being trialled in 30 NYC taxis.

Microsoft Unveils Its Next Operating System, Windows 8 via The New York Times – Microsoft pulled back much of the scaffolding and secrecy surrounding Windows 8, the biggest redesign of the company’s software since Windows 95. The preview is available for download.


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