Keeping Up A Good Profile on Pinterest

On Friday, March 16, Pinterest debuted their new profile pages, as it draws comparisons to Facebook’s Timeline with its clean, streamlined look and feel. The design change has brought on a much less cluttered page making the Pinterest experience user-friendlier.

The previous profile contained five columns; now there are four (although if you stretch your browser’s window, you can accommodate more). The tab on the left detailing following information and your photos and video pin status has been removed. Now, a horizontal bar at the top of the page details this information, as well as your name and description making it more visible. You will also see the profiles of the three people who you most frequently re-pin.

Added is a feature that helps you discover new people to follow and an “activity” button that reveals a pictorial summary of your recent pins and new people you followed. Adding new people will add their pins to your home page.

The page now makes use of white space to make viewing the page easier. In addition, the default for the profile page shows recent pins instead of Pinboards.

Pinterest has made the profile page customizable to an extent. The order of your boards – collections of photos with common themes – is easily rearranged. Plus, your most recent photo is displayed larger than the other photos in the board. You still do not have the ability to rearrange the photos themselves, only the boards.

To address the issue of knowing who you follow and who follows you, Pinterest created a navigation strip that contains this information, a count of your board, your pins, and “likes” from others.

When browsing profiles, you will be able to see all the things pinners have been doing on the network.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said, “We wanted to make it more beautiful… to make your profile different in kind than the profile you have on Facebook.” Yet, looking at the new design Pinterest can’t escape the Facebook comparisons as the social media big dog is the standard by which all other social media platforms are judged and compared against.

The jury has yet to reach a verdict on the design change as users are still acclimating themselves to the newness. It’ll be interesting to see if the new profile page will increase or slow the sudden and massive growth of the new social media site du jour.

New Profile Page

Old Profile Page


Sources:, Huffington Post


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