Facebook Check-Ins Check Out. Offers Are On.

Facebook is saying goodbye to check-in deals, as it welcomes in Offers.

Offers allow page owners to post coupons that Facebook fans can collect from the News Feed or ad units. Unlike the previous check-in deals, Offers can be redeemed in-store or online, but don’t require users to visit a physical location.

Facebook is currently beta testing Offers with select businesses. The general thought is that Facebook is opening up Offers to larger brands first that are working with the social network as a premium advertiser under the guise of discover and resolving any issues with the creation and redemption of offers before taking Offers live to all pages.

Facebook says Offers will be available to all pages soon, but there is no clear timetable for the rollout.

The potential of Offers vastly outshines its predecessor, check-in deals, for several reasons. Check-in deals were difficult to create, needed Facebook approval, and their discover was difficult. Offers, on the other hand, are a more streamlined process. Page owners can create Offers as page posts, so they’ll be distributed to the page’s existing fan base. Claiming an offer is just as simple –one click sends a coupon to a user’s email address –which results in prominent News Feed stories that increase awareness of the promotion. Businesses may also purchase Sponsored Stores to support the offer.

Macy’s posted the first Offer last month. The coupon ran for three days and contained a 25% discount on purchases of $100 or more. The offer was claimed by more than 41,000 customers.


Sources: InsideFacebook.com and PracticalEcommerce.com


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