Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 4/2/12

The headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

Facebook E-Commerce: The Next Big Thing? @ Reuters-  A group of e-commerce start-ups are betting that Facebook can become an e-commerce powerhouse to rival and eBay.

Teen Apparel Retailers Enjoy E-Commerce Boom @Forbes-  Apparel and accessories businesses are seeing faster growth than any other e-commerce product segment.  The topmost strategy for all apparel companies, including teen apparel retailers, should be the development of e-commerce business features.

Tablets are a Dream Come True for Retailers  @Mashable- Since tablets have burst into the e-commerce space in the last few years, they’ve drastically altered the online shopping experience.

Gilt Groupe Samples Group Buying Model on Pinterest  @Mashable-  In the early days of daily deals, shoppers often had to band together in groups to “unlock” a deal. It was a strategy that proved effective in spreading awareness of those deals and the companies that offered them. But can the same idea work for Pinterest?



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