Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 4/9/12

Social Media & Customer Service: A Match Made in Heaven? @Chatonomics– Most companies have incorporated social media into their marketing plans – but what potential does the channel offer within customer service and how is it relevant to the contact centre?

Pinterest drives more revenue per click than Twitter or Facebook @VentureBeats– If you’re an e-commerce marketer and you’re not already on the Pinterest bandwagon, you need to hop on it as soon as you can. Pinterest is the first social network that’s delivering not only lots of traffic but also real revenue and lots of new customers.

8 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Shopping Cart Conversions @HubSpot– More than 50% of all shopping carts are abandoned prior to purchase according to Marketing Experiments. It’s no accident that the most successful ecommerce companies take a strategic, calculated approach to their product pages and shopping cart usability.

China: The World’s Largest Online Population @Mashable– China has come online extremely quickly in recent years. Today, one in five Internet users are Chinese — that’s half a billion people. And while growth has evened out since 2007, it shows no sign of stopping.


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