Client Spotlight: Havaianas on Pinterest

Pinterest has been dominating the news in 2012 with its record numbers, but many have yet to familiarize themselves with the experience of ‘pinning’ and how brands utilize this new tool. Today we’ll take a look at Pinterest by examining our client, the sandals brand, Havaianas.

Here is an overview on Havaianas taken from their Facebook page:


Havaianas communicates joy, freedom and happiness.

Company Overview

Havaianas are truly the best rubber sandals in the world.

Havaianas are designed and manufactured by Sao Paulo Alpargatas, South America.  The ultra-high quality of Havaianas is due to a top-secret rubber recipe created exclusively by Alpargatas. This highly guarded recipe makes the sandals soft as marshmallows, light, and highly durable. There are many knock-offs in the market place but Havaianas customers know that there is no substitute for the authentic comfort and quality that only Brazil’s Havaianas can provide.

Since their creation in the 1960s, Alpargatas perfected the Havaianas collections with a large variety of fashionable colors and styles. Havaianas are seen on fashion runways around the world, as well as at the most prestigious events and retailers.

Havaianas on Pinterest:

Landing Page:

Pinterest’s new look and feel makes for a pleasant visit upon first entry to a Pinterest page. The page is clean and easy to navigate and allows for the visitor to dive right into things.

As of April 23, 2012, Havaianas Pinterest has 19 boards, 493 pins (pictures), and 616 followers, while following 281.

Havaianas Boards:

The range of boards includes various Havaianas products, inspiration, arts and culture, and naturally, plenty of fashion. Let’s examine some.

The first board is What We Love that contains 32 pins and has 1102 followers.

The photos (pins) in this board range the gamut from other fashion brands to food to lifestyle photos. A large percentage of the pins come from various Tumblr pages. Clearly, What We Love serves as a mood board for the brand and helps sets the tone of the staff and Havaianas and what they hope translates to the fan base.

Next board we’ll examine is Brazilian Flair that contains 46 pins and has 1066 followers.

As a Brazilian company, Havaianas has dedicated one board to all things Brazilian. The vivid photos and diverse cultural shots provide a detailed snapshot of what’s life like down in Brazil providing an interesting backdrop for the brand. The images are sourced from a variety of locations including file uploads, other brands’ websites, Flickr, and Tumblr.

The most popular board for Havaianas is its Spring Break! Board with 7811 followers and 79 pins.

With so many followers, clearly Havaianas was tapped as an inspiration resource for the droves of college students that head to Spring Break annually. The majority of photos focused on various sweet desserts and drink cocktails in addition to a touch of fashion styling here and there.

And finally, Havaianas has a board dedicated to their product simply called Havaianas:), with 87 pins and 1072 followers.

This board serves as a reminder that as fun and as social Pinterest is, for brands, it’s about the bottom-line – selling product. There is a wide range of product on display and helps give a breath of the company in one overview.

When you click on each pin, you get detailed information and social networking options. Each pin can be ‘liked,’ repined to the user’s own Pinterest board, and commented upon. The source of the pin is listed with a link (to easily purchase), a listing of users who have repinned, and those who have liked the pin. Conveniently, Facebook and Twitter links and an embed code are available to allow further sharing.

The Havaianas Pinterest board is a good example of how brands can frame their product and help place a context for their goods in the minds of the consumer. With bright, fresh imagery, one can’t help but think of relaxing good times and it’s clear how Havaianas is a part of that vision by their strategic use of Pinterest.


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