Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 5/14/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our eye this past week:

Moms 61% More Likely to Visit Pinterest @ ClickZ – Your mom may not be the most tech savvy member of your family, but she is more likely to shop online, follow a brand on a social network, or visit Pinterest. According to a new study, America’s moms are shopping for a wide range of items online at a greater rate than most Americans in an effort to save time and money. 

Ecommerce on the iPad: Rich, Unique and Profitable @ Internet Retailer – Online retailers uncork their imagination to create novel ways to shop on the iPad.

Mobile Payments Startup Jumio Takes On With Credit Card Scanning Toolkit For App Developers @ TechCrunch – Mobile payments and identity verification company Jumio is introducing its Netswipe Mobile SDK, which allows developers to add credit card scanning functionality to their mobile applications.

Generation Gap: How Technology Has Changed How We Talk About Work @ Forbes – A good read from Forbes on, you guessed it, how technology has changed how we talk about work.

How JackThreads Plans to Own the Male Demographic @ Entrepreneur Magazine – Great e-commerce case study on the flash sale site JackThreads.


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