Vidstagram aka Who Will Be The Instagram of Video?

A lot has happened since Mark Zuckerberg casually purchased social photo filter app, Instagram for $1 billion – the whole world was shocked, the people at Instagram became rich, Facebook went public, and now Facebook’s stock has struggled. Somewhere in between all of this, a number of video sharing apps saw dollar signs in their eyes as they now seemingly have two over-arching goals: become the Instagram of video and get rich as a target for a acquisition from a large social network. It’s an ideal and semi-realistic plan, but looking at the landscape, the video sharing world is a crowded one. Let’s examine the major players in the game and who may end up becoming #1.

The Current Leaders of the Pack

Viddy – Released in 2011. Users can upload/record 15 seconds of footage and apply a number of filters to the video. Twitter and Facebook sharing integration. Backing from Will Smith (Overbrook Entertainment), Jay-Z (Roc Nation), Biz Stone of Twitter, and Shakira. 36 million users. Valued at $370 million. Available for iOS only.

Socialcam – Released in 2011. From the Justin.TV team. No time limit on video uploads. Offers nine different filters and nine preset themes, alone with ten music tracks. Twitter and Facebook sharing integration. 50 million monthly active users. Available for iOS and Android.

On The Verge

Klip – Released in 2011. Allows users to capture, share, discover, and view mobile video. Klip’s focus is on discovery and providing high quality video streams. Twitter and Facebook sharing integration.

– Pinterest like as users are able to collate their videos on an online ‘board.’

Vyclone – Location-based sharing, involving uses at the same location, event, or venue sharing their videos, which are then automatically edited into a multi-angle video featuring their “combined perspective.”

Cinemagram – Hybrid between photo and video. Small portions of photos with animated video running inside the picture.

Vlix – Instagram meets Vimeo as it combines mobile sharing features with sophisticated video editing functionality.
New Kid on the Block
– From the Boxee team. iOS only. Currently in beta – invite only. Cloud storage for videos. Unlimited storage to users. Users can share video links that can be viewed on any browser.

And The Rest…

– A combination of Viddy, Socialcam, and Klip with a Pinterest-style layout.

Tout – A ‘Twitter for video sharing app’ allowing users to upload 15-second video status updates.

Veetle – Focused on “live video broadcasting.”

MyVidster – Web-based video bookmarking service now a mobile app focused on sharing.

No one knows if one or any of these apps will break through the clutter and make a cultural and financial impact similar to Instagram. One key point of differentiation when examining the Instagram case study is how photos and videos are two different animals. Instagram changed how users took pictures with their implantation of filters that created an analog feel. Video is a much different beast and the mindset that goes into the creation and consumption of the media isn’t as simple to crack like photos. We’ll see if anyone can break out and spawn the next newsworthy acquisition.



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