Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 7/2/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

Where Are All The iPad Shopping Apps? via TechCrunch: Great insight into the lack of iPad-specific shopping apps.

Gilt Groupe’s Recipe for Success in Mobile via The New York Times: Companies that aren’t successful yet in mobile (like Facebook) could take some tips from Gilt Groupe. The New York-based start-up, best known for selling designer clothing, expected 40 percent of its revenue on the July 4th holiday to come from its iPhone and iPad apps.

Luring Online Shoppers Offline via The New York Times: As online shopping has surged, traditional retailers have lost millions in sales to so-called showrooming — when shoppers check out products in stores that they then buy from Web sites like Amazon. Now some big retailers are taking a new approach to the dreaded showrooming by transforming their stores into extensions of their own online operations.

Top 10 mobile commerce apps of Q2 via Mobile Commerce Daily: Mobile applications have made a big splash in the space over the past few years. In the second quarter of this year, marketers have rolled out engaging and useful mobile applications that helped them better reach consumers. Mobile apps are a great way for retailers to increase sales. Our friends at Mobile Commerce Daily rank the top 10 mobile commerce applications of the second quarter judged on creative, form of engagement and execution.

Carry All Your Credit Cards on One ‘Smart’ Card via Mashable: Many of us have several credit cards that offer rewards like airline and hotel points when we use them for purchases.  Wallaby Financial is a payments startup that, for a fee, can connect all your credit cards to one plastic slab. The company is betting that improving the existing credit-card system is going to be easier and more appealing for people than newly emerging payment technologies, including ones reliant on near-field communications chips in phones.


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