#Hashtag Politics

Who would have guessed 140 characters and a hashtag could affect a nation? Chirpify, the Twitter-based commerce platform is aiming to have a major influence on this year’s presidential election.

Chirpify allows users to send a donation, buy a product, or pay a bill via Twitter. Now, Twitter users can donate to a political campaign with Chirpify.

A sample tweet could look like this: “Donate $amount to @BarackObama for Election 2012” or “Donate $amount to @MittRomney for Election 2012.”

For pre-existing Chirpify/Twitter users, the transaction is seamless. For non-Chirpify users, a Direct Message (DM) is sent to the user asking them to set up their Chirpify account. Chirpify receives 4% of each donation as a processing fee, which the company claims is less than text message-based donation fees.

Political campaigns can also send out donation request to all of its follows via Chirpify’s Dashboard.For example, @BarackObama might tweet, “Are you in? Reply with ‘donate’ to give $25 via @chirpify.”

In terms of the 2012 Presidential election, President Barack Obama has 16+ million Twitter followers, while Mitt Romney has 561,000+.

“We believe there’s power in individual donations and that we have a platform that can enable that over social media,” Chirpify CEO and Founder Chris Teso told Mashable. “We now enable politicians to receive donations directly in the stream on Twitter. It’s what we call ‘conversational commerce.’”

As of reporting, neither Obama nor the Romney campaign has signed onboard with Chirpify yet. Currently, 25 members of Congress have signed up for the service. In the meantime, Chirpify has launched a special “Tweet a Presidential Candidate” dashboard to attract the Obama and Romney campaigns.

As the heat and presidential race heats up, it’ll be worth noting if either candidate changes the tune of their tweets.
Sources: Mashable.com


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