Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 8/13/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

Your Klout Score Just Changed. Here’s Why via Mashable: Klout, the social media firm that tags social media users with a single number, between 1 and 100, intended to measure their influence, has rolled out updated scores for all of its users and began pushing out an updated Klout interface that focuses not on your Klout score, but the individual posts that got you there.

Twitter Cofounders Unveil Medium, A Publishing Platform That Feels Like Tumblr And Looks Like Pinterest via FastCompany: Taking cues from Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and Digg, the cofounders of Twitter created Medium, a new kind of publishing platform.

Instagram 3.0 bets on location with Photo Map, adds infinite scrolling via The Verge: Instagram 1.0 was about sharing photos using creative filters; 2.0 was about speed; Instagram 3.0, which launched this week on Android and iPhone, plots all your photos on a map of the world, creating an entirely new way to browse someone’s photos on the service.

Amazon Created the Online Commerce Genre But Amazon Won’t Create the Mobile Commerce Genre via Forbes: Great op-ed piece in Forbes on the difference between Amazon’s role in the online e-commerce market they helped create and mobile shopping which they are embracing alongside other major Internet players.

Square’s Game-Changer: Mobile Credit Card Processing With One Monthly Fee via Marketing Land: Square, the mobile processing company that seems to be in the news every week, has introduced a $275 monthly plan that doesn’t include a percentage-based processing fee for each transaction. Square’s original plan, with no monthly fee and a 2.75 percent transaction fee, also remains in effect.


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