Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 9/3/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our attention this past week:

Net-A-Porter creates iPad app for entertainment and e-commerce via Econsultancy: The luxury shopping brand was one of the first to see the potential of mobile, launching an iPhone app in 2009 and a weekly magazine iPad app in 2010. Its new release, which will sit alongside the existing iPad app in the App Store, displays editorial and video content as well as allowing users to shop the entire Net-A-Porter product range.

The State of Ecommerce [INFOGRAPHIC] via Mashable: Great infographic from Mashable that curates consumer data and trends to produce a projection on the future of e-commerce.

How to Follow New York Fashion Week Online via Mashable: New York Fashion Week is upon us and with so much to choose from, following Fashion Week online can feel nearly as overwhelming as attending in person. Mashable has gathered the best resources for enjoying the festivities online and via your mobile phone.

Flipboard Has A Great Plan For Surviving Twitter’s War On Developers: E-Commerce via Business Insider: Flipboard just revealed a new product that could well save the company: a social catalog for shopping. More broadly, it shows that the much-watched startup is shifting away from getting people to look at ads to getting people to pay for things—content subscriptions, as with its deal with the New York Times, or actual commerce, as with its newly revealed catalog.


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