Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 9/17/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our attention last week:

Here’s What It’s Like to Run a Successful Ecommerce Site via Mashable: Great inside look at a day in the life of CEO and Co-Founder Jason Goldberg.

Fancy Bests Pinterest Again, Adds AmEx, Gift-Giving Platforms via Forbes: Fancy continues to add revenue-making functionality to its social networking now adding a gift-giving platform. The function enables users to create a gift, invite others to contribute, and have the present sent directly to the recipient. Each account will expire and Fancy refund the cash if it doesn’t receive enough contributions after seven days.

For Retailers, Smartphones May Not Yet Mean Payments, But They Do Mean Purchases: Study via TechCrunch: A look at smartphone commerce and mobile payments in retail.  

E-commerce drop-down menus: examples and best practices via Econsultancy: Drop-down menus are a valuable navigational tool for e-commerce sites. Here’s a look at best practices and examples.  


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