Client Spotlight: diptyque Paris

Discover Volutes – A new fragrance by diptyque Paris….

Embark on a journey, a journey that Yves Coueslant used to make as a child on the transatlantic liners that connected Marseilles to Saigon. His memories recount unforgettable images of elegance and freedom, in which people dance, flirt, and smoke in a hubbub of music, voices, and noise form which the heady aroma of the volute. Smoke fumes from the liner’s chimneys…foamy wakes…flights of silk and chiffon…wafts of expensive perfumes arise in concentric waves. The soul of a journey inspired a new diptyque creation – Volutes.


  • To celebrate the launch of this new fragrance, arriving at diptyque’s homepage is only the beginning of this amazing journey, select Set Sail and continue!


The Story Of Volutes:

  • Selecting “Set Sail” on the homepage moves users to a beautiful animated movie with subtitles that are in synch with the progress made throughout the Story.

Discover The Volutes Fragrance Collection:

  • After enjoying the movie users are automatically directed to a collection-landing page featuring high quality images of the Volute products. From here you can continue the journey or advance directly to the product page.

The Volutes Journey:

  • Using this interactive map allows users to fully experience the voyage from Marseille to Saigon.  Click through the map and truly discover the Volutes raw materials. Stop off at a number of places with magical names, all redolent of adventure and spice.


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