Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 11/5/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our attention last week:

How Mobile Commerce Is Shaking Up the Retail Landscape via Mashable: Just as mobile is changing the media and advertising landscape, it’s wreaking havoc on retail as well. Showrooming — the phenomenon in which consumers visit a store and then use their phones to buy items they see on Amazon — is becoming a major headache. Yet there are other ways that m-commerce is reshaping the retail landscape. The mobilization of shopping also will mean big trouble for smaller retailers, but it presents some new opportunities as well.

17 Things You Didn’t Know About Ecommerce via Mashable: Online shoppers can buy cars, clothes and millions of other things with the click of a button and figurative swipe of a credit card. The multi-billion-dollar ecommerce industry is a part of our everyday lives, but many don’t realize the numbers and history behind it, so the folks at Mashable collected 16 things you probably don’t know about ecommerce.

Why Mobile Commerce Is Set To Explode via Business Insider: Great insight into the size of the mobile commerce opportunity in dollar terms, and examine how some of the top mobile commerce trends – including mobile payments, tablet commerce, and SoLoMo (social-local-mobile) marketing – are contributing to a big increase in mobile commerce.

FedEx bets on social commerce, launches Ship to Friends app on Facebook via The Next Web: FedEx has decided to launch Ship to Friends, an app which lets US-based users prepare and pay for a shipment without ever leaving Facebook.

Fleur du Mal Launches New Site: The team at Acadaca worked with Fleur du Mal to launch their brand new site and we must say, it is dressed to kill!


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