Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 11/12/12

The news and headlines that grabbed our attention last week:

Pinterest Launches New Business Terms For Companies, Website Verification, Widgets And Access To New Features via TechCrunch: Pinterest could turn into an absolute monster for e-commerce, and we’ve been waiting to see what it would do to push that forward. We might be one step closer with the company’s announcement of new tools for the business community.

New Tools for Disaster Aid via The New York Times: How has Hurricane Sandy brought together the tech community to develop new tools for disaster aid in NYC?

Mobile Payments Will Top $1 Trillion Worldwide by 2017 via Mashable: Consumers and businesses worldwide will make more than $1 trillion in purchases from mobile devices by 2017, as the technology enabling mobile payments becomes increasingly common, according to a new report from IDC, a market research firm.

Flint Exits Beta To Take On Square With Its Camera-Based Mobile Payment App via TechCrunch:   Flint, a small business-focused mobile payment app that does away with dongles and NFC and instead uses the camera on a phone to “scan” a card’s numbers, has come out of beta.


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