Ecommerce Industry Roundup – Week of 11/26/12

Results are in from the most hectic shopping days of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are notorious days of deals and holiday shopping. Here’s the news and headlines that grabbed our attention last week.

Black Friday: PayPal Sees Mobile Payments Jump 193%; eBay up 153% via TechCrunch: Black Friday numbers are strong across the board, according to initial reports coming in today from retailers and payments companies. As IBM reported earlier today, total online sales saw a surge of 20.7 percent in spending from last year. Ebay saw a 133 percent increase in mobile volume transacted; and PayPal saw a 173 percent increase. While more shoppers are hitting their phones and tablets for sales on Thanksgiving, it’s also apparent that consumers are perhaps forgoing the malls and stores for mobile shopping on Black Friday.

8 Tips for Safe Shopping on Cyber Monday via Mashable: With so much money exchanging virtual hands, and the growing threat of cyber crime, it’s important to take precautions. Shoppers should be extra aware of online threats, ecommerce being the most convenient and new way to beat the lines and chaos at the stores. Mobile shopping has increased by 300% in the last year, making protection against viruses and malware key for safe shopping from your device. New threats with new ways of shopping, everyone should be extra aware on their devices.

Web performance strong on Cyber Monday via Apica System: Retailers might have started offering online holiday discounts earlier than in years past, but that didn’t seem to have much effect on retail activity or sales this Cyber Monday. According to IBM, Internet sales rose 30.3% yesterday, making it the biggest online shopping day ever.

Steiner Sports sells exclusive admission to Steiner Sports 25th Anniversary Charity Event via GiltCity: Steiner Sports and Gilt City sell opportunities for basketball fans to rub shoulders and take pictures with sport legends. ESPN will broadcast the 3-day event starting on December 3rd.


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