Ecommerce Industry Roundup ­- Week of 12/31/12

Happy New Year! A lot of predictions and preparations for the New Year, along with holiday spending summaries from 2012.

comScore: U.S. Holiday Shoppers Spent $42.3B Online, Up 14% From Last Year Via TechCrunch: After announcing some early post-Christmas numbers, comScore just released its final analysis of U.S. online holiday spending for 2012: shoppers bought a total of $42.3 billion worth of goods online from November 1 to December 31. That’s up 14 percent from the $37.2 billion comScore reported last year, but a bit lower than expected as shoppers slowed down around mid-December.

PayPal Pro the Ecommerce game changer via Incion: Typical merchant account services have been around for years, but PayPal Pro is now giving them a run for their money. In fact, many Baby-Boomers that were reluctant to use PayPal for one reason or another are finding it harder to resist. The cost effective nature of this platform makes it perfect for small businesses. With Baby Boomers making up the largest group of new entrepreneurs in the United States, PayPal Pro could be an e-commerce game changer.

Ecommerce in 2013: some predictions via The Drum: There are lots of predictions being made for the year ahead so we’ve pulled together my suggestions for the future of e-commerce in 2013. What e-commerce will bring and what trends may start to fade away.

Using Instagram for your Ecommerce Business via Practical Ecommerce: Popular photo-sharing app Instagram — which Facebook acquired earlier this year — is now used by businesses. Of 100 leading brands, 54 have incorporated Instagram, according to Simply Measured, an analytics firm. User engagement is now not only the goal, but a way to market your products and see who’s purchasing.

15 iPad-friendly Retail Sites via Practical Ecommerce: Apple’s iPad tablet computer is changing the way that many consumers connect to the Internet, stay informed, and shop. A tablet-friendly website is thus a new imperative for online retailers.

One out of every four adults in the U.S. owns a tablet computer like the Apple iPad or similar, according to an August 2012 report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. What’s more, according to Business Insider, an online magazine, “between August 2011 and January 2012 tablet ownership among U.S. adults grew a remarkable 90 percent. If the same pace holds this year, there would be 112 million U.S. adults with tablets by January 2013.”


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