Ecommerce Industry Roundup ­ Week of 1/7/12

Big news emerging and setting the forecast for this coming year and setting big sights up till 2016. And it has only just begun for the eCommerce industry!

Consumers want Mobile Enhanced Retail Via MediaPost Blogs: Mobile shoppers are expecting more from retailers according to a new study by Latitude, Next-Gen Retail: Mobile & Beyond. Smartphones and tablets aren’t just making shopping more convenient and real-time; they’re fundamentally changing how people think about shopping. Mobile shopping makes people feel more relaxed, productive and informed, as well as more open-minded and receptive to discovering new things, says the report.

Is it Finally time for Tablet Commerce? via GetElastic: It seems the last 5 consecutive years have been touted as the “Year of the Mobile” in terms of ecommerce. And certainly in the last 5 years, the growth in mobile has come from tablets more than smartphones.

Adobe Digital Index analyzed 23 billion visits to websites around the globe and found the share of visits from tablets has grown approximately 10 time faster than smartphones within 2 years after they hit the market, and more than 300% in the last year. Adobe forecasts tablet visit share will reach 10% of total website traffic by early 2014.
According to research by Skava, only 7% of retailers have tablet-friendly sites.

These 16 Companies Are Leading A Retail Revolution via Business Insider: Morgan Stanley’s internet and retail research teams led by Scott Devitt just published a big report on global eCommerce, which they project will be a $1 trillion market by 2016.

eCommerce and retail are engaged in a zero-sum game: one company’s gain in eCommerce is another’s lost retail sales. As such, the team refers to eCommerce in the context of “retail sales disruption.”

17 digital marketing and ecommerce trends for 2013 via Econsultancy: The following are Econsultancy’s CEO, Ashley Friedlein’s personal thoughts on what will be interesting and important in the world of digital marketing and ecommerce for 2013. As is traditional for her trends, there are around seventeen of them.

She says she hasn’t spent too much time on giving extensive justification for any of these; but they are based largely on the many conversations she’s had with industry influencers and practitioners.

The E-Commerce Boom is just Beginning via Business Insider: Fulfillment execution is key to realizing eCommerce’s disruptive potential. By 2016, our AlphaWise survey and global eCommerce model suggest a nearly 50% increase in penetration of retail sales, to 9.3% (from 6.5% today), surpassing $1 trillion.


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