Discover Volutes – A new fragrance by diptyque Paris….

Embark on a journey, a journey that Yves Coueslant used to make as a child on the transatlantic liners that connected Marseilles to Saigon. His memories recount unforgettable images of elegance and freedom, in which people dance, flirt, and smoke in a hubbub of music, voices, and noise form which the heady aroma of the volute. Smoke fumes from the liner’s chimneys…foamy wakes…flights of silk and chiffon…wafts of expensive perfumes arise in concentric waves. The soul of a journey inspired a new diptyque creation – Volutes.


  • To celebrate the launch of this new fragrance, arriving at diptyque’s homepage is only the beginning of this amazing journey, select Set Sail and continue!


The Story Of Volutes:

  • Selecting “Set Sail” on the homepage moves users to a beautiful animated movie with subtitles that are in synch with the progress made throughout the Story.

Discover The Volutes Fragrance Collection:

  • After enjoying the movie users are automatically directed to a collection-landing page featuring high quality images of the Volute products. From here you can continue the journey or advance directly to the product page.

The Volutes Journey:

  • Using this interactive map allows users to fully experience the voyage from Marseille to Saigon.  Click through the map and truly discover the Volutes raw materials. Stop off at a number of places with magical names, all redolent of adventure and spice.


First there were computers, the Internet, cell phones, smart phones and now smart glasses?

Google’s Project Glass is working on a piece of computerized eyewear that everybody can use in their day-to-day life, with technology no longer being in the foreground.

Technology is intended to make lives easier and it seems as if Project Glass is going to do just that.  Imagine wandering through the streets of New York City and wondering what skyscraper you are looking at.  With these glasses, you will be able to look at the building, and then its history will pop up on a small screen, giving you all the information you need to know.  With this technology, it saves someone from having to pull out their phone, finding out the name of the building and then searching it on the Internet and hopefully finding a useful link.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google commented on how easy the glasses make taking pictures.  He shared a story of how he threw his son into the air, caught him with both hands, and the glasses were able to capture the entire sequence.  While today’s technology is very advanced compared to that of twenty years ago, doing something like Brin described is not possible with today’s devices.

What’s great about this pair of glasses is that when the user does not want them to be a miniature computer, they can be worn like any regular pair of frames.  The screen is clear and does not overwhelm the user, because of its location off to the side, thus making technology fade into the background of people’s lives.

Although there is not set release date, google’s newest product is expected to be released sometime within the next few years, taking technology to a level where it has it has not been before.

Sources: The New York Times, Wired

Some may find this hard to believe, but there are non-Apple and non-Android fan boys out in the universe who may have an iPhone one year and an Android phone the next. Or perhaps both platforms are used. Shocking!

We’d like to present to you some steps in ensuring your contacts are synced across both platforms.

From iPhone to Android

1.) The Setup

  • Sign up for a Gmail account, if you don’t already have one
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open up iTunes
  • Click on the iPhone icon on the left side of iTunes and from there click on the Info tab in your iTunes main window. You’ll see the Sync Contacts option
  • Select Gmail and enter your Gmail account information. This allows Gmail and Apple to update your contacts so that all the contact information is now stored with Google

Verify the accuracy of your contacts in Gmail through your web browser prior to syncing them with your phone.

2.) The Transfer
Once your contacts are organized in Gmail, you are ready to transfer them to your new phone.

If your phone has yet to be booted up: it will ask if you want to sync your phone to a Google account. Simply enter in your Gmail info and that’s it. Your phone will import all your Gmail contacts automatically.

If your phone has been booted up already: go to the Settings menu. Select “Accounts & Sync,” which will show you ever account synced with your phone. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button “Add Account,” where you will enter your Gmail login. Once selected, it will sync your contacts and your email to your phone.

And that’s it.


From Android to iPhone

  • Navigate to the Contacts screen on your Android phone.
  • Choose the Import/Export option from the menu, which will create a file containing all of your contacts in the root directory to the phone’s microSD card as a .vcf file.
  • Connect the phone to a PC in mass storage mode, and copy the .vcf file onto your PC’s desktop.
  • On your desktop, the contacts file can be imported into your Gmail account.
  • Transfer your Gmail contacts directly into your iPhone.

And that’s it.

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Black Friday Results via National Retail Federation – A record $52 Billion spent over Black Friday weekend, with online spending accounting for 37.8% of the total.